Information Technology


Prof. A.R. Khuje

HOD (IT Dept)

Information Technology is the Study, Design, Development, Implementation, Support or management of Computer-Based Information Systems particularly Software Applications and Computer Hardware. It is the use of computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit and securely retrieve information.

It focuses on many tasks from installing Applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases. It includes Data Management, Networking, Engineering Computer Hardware, Database and Software Design and management and administration of entire systems.

To hold a degree in Information Technology means you should have:

  • Inclination towards Computers and software’s.
  • Patience, Team Spirit and dedication.
  • Genuine ability and liking to programming and coding.
  • Will to work hard work and don’t mind giving that extra-effort to achieve the target.
  • Innovation and come up with unique solution for even a simple problem.
  • Strong will power and a “never say die” attitude to meet deadlines.
  • A constant learning bent as this field is ever evolving.

Information technology engineers work on various processes, both hardware and software. They aid in creating the hardware equipment needed for creating the computer systems. The engineers are actively involved in study of business.

Hardware engineers create, test and supervise systems that run the computers and enable processes. They ensure that hardware systems are up and running at all times without interrupting the flow of work. Software engineers design and develop software applications that aid businesses run multiple processes in an automated manner.

These jobs may also involve:

  • Study client processes to determine their needs for software and hardware.
  • Manage a team of developers and engineers.
  • Analyze, design and develop software processes.
  • Monitor systems, control quality and maintain supplies.
  • Evaluation of various flows and processes.

It’s the software Industry which has given wings to youngster's dreams. The employment opportunity is ample as India is World's IT hub. Opportunities are as follows:

  • Work for IT giants like Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Satyam, Infosys, TCS etc.
  • Software career has variety of job profiles in development, Testing, Support, Networking, Security etc.
  • Jobs in govt. sector are also ample with govt pro actively implementing ICT in all spheres. ( Ministry Of IT)
  • New age entrepreneur’s hottest target is IT services, so one can also look avenues of setting up own firm.

Fresh Graduates can start as junior or support engineers. Candidates with over 3-5 years of experience can be considered for the role of Project Leader/Manager. Project Managers generally play a supervisory role and mange a team of computer engineers and information technology specialists. Most technology firms also offer comprehensive internship program that serves as a breeding ground for aspiring information technology professionals.

1. IT will continue to gain momentum. The immense expansion in networking technologies is expected to continue into the next decade also. IT will bring about a drastic improvement in the quality of life as it impacts application domains and global competitiveness. Technologies that are emerging are Data Warehousing and Data Mining.

2. They involve collecting data to find patterns and testing hypothesis in normal research. Software services that are being used in outsourcing will go a long way.